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Welcome to visit China and Thailand in the nuclear network platform!

60 years ago, our predecessors for the nuclear industry, and national defense industry, and development started in the Gobi Desert, in
Grand Canyon using blood and youth proudly holds up the banner of Huatai.
Thirty years ago, in response to the CPC Central Committee, "Paul conversion" of the great call, China and Thailand south to Shenzhen for the entire institution Zone. Depth of three years, the bathed in theThird Plenary Session of the spring rain, against the rolling tide of reform and opening up, passing the essence of military culture, based in Shenzhen, and work hard for the development of the SAR and Shenzhen, the new building to a modern metropolis an important contribution, known as the SAR's "pioneering cattle." For society, for the people to Pave the Way to build tens of thousand, 

while efforts of several generations after Huatai, Huatai has developed into a building, road works, municipal public works, mechanical and electrical installation engineering contracting a 9 advanced qualification, in the Pearl River Delta region has a certain influence construction and installation company.

China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation in the loving care and strong support of the Working Committee directly under the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions, Futian, Nanshan district party committee and government's concern and help, in the ladies and gentlemen, the earnest expectation of all the friends through discrete restructuring, corporate divestiture from China and Thailand quality assets, integrate quality resources, in full accordance with modern corporate governance structure established in the construction of nuclear Huatai Co., Ltd in March 31, 2010 officially unveiled.

We will be adhering to the "sun with the enterprises, scientific development" business philosophy, discrete enterprise restructuring cherish the great opportunity to seize the opportunity and development, leading in time to catch up. We will focus on the "industrial and civil engineering, nuclear engineering and national defense projects" and other main business, and constantly strengthening management, solid foundation, to enhance competitiveness and increase market share, and strive to "BT", "BOT" projects made a major breakthrough, the high-end market. In the consolidation of the civilian market, and striving to build the system for civilian nuclear market, the major general contractor, based on a new round of State seize the favorable opportunity of nuclear power to nuclear power engineering breakthrough in testing and actively participate in nuclear power development, striving to be nuclear power construction market to add the professional sub-contractors and their remaining strength to make new contributions to China's energy business for a new round of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to make new contributions to the great development! .

Standing at a new starting point, we need to scratch, from the "new" beginning, based on a new starting point, aimed at new targets, to achieve new development. We will seek Yang's situation is far, carry forward the fine tradition of the nuclear industry, the regional advantages of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to play to enhance learning, emancipate the mind, innovation mechanisms, do solid work, the leaders and guests in the generous help of friends, through China and Thailand were up and down continuously efforts to achieve "the basis of a year ram, two major upgrade to three years, develop, and four cross-advanced" development goals, China and Thailand to fight in the cause of nuclear enterprise system standardization and modernization of science and technology, culture of enterprise management, high quality service , optimizing the benefits of modern business enterprise.

We look forward to work together with you to create brilliant!

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