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China Nuclear HuaTai Construction Co., Ltd.

 China Nuclear Huatai Construction Co., Ltd. is a key member enterprise of China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Group Corporation, which is one of the TOP 10 military industrial corporations directly administered by the State Council,and one of state-owned enterprises directly administered by the Central Government. We mainly engages in design, construction, investment and  fund-raising in the fields such as housing construction, municipal engineering, highway engineering, lifting equipment device and related fields .


 Founded in 1958, our company undertook the construction of the test base of "A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear-powered submarine" and other important national defense projects. In August 1981 after completion of the third-front construction in the southwest, our company, in response to the great call of "Secure Army Demand and Convert to Civil Production" made by the Party Central Committee, settled down in Shenzhen as a complete unit and took part in construction of the Special Economic Zone, therefore was honored as a "Pioneer Bull".

Since our company entered Shenzhen 30 years ago, it has enjoyed the great benefits brought about by the reform and opening up policy ,and inherited the cultural essence of enterprises in the military industry. Rooted in Shenzhen and with the hardworking and enterprising spirits, it builds roads and bridges in Shenzhen and makes great contributions to the development of this Special Economic Zone. It has successively undertaken hundreds of key projects and completed a number of high-quality projects at municipal, provincial, ministerial and national levels.

Faced with the complex and volatile market environment, our company focus on core business and gradually extends to the upstream and downstream industry chain, adhere to the investment-led development, design-led, towards financing the construction of transformation and upgrading of operational integration. Through increased technology development, and integration domestic Advanced Institute by, constantly upgrade design led role; for conform to building industry development trend, our company active integration residential industrialization advantage resources, strengthened Assembly type building design, and production and the built capacity; through produced thaw combined mode, and constantly expand business field, our company active participation both at home and abroad based facilities PPP project, and large voted financing project and the nuclear power, and military engineering,cover advisory, and survey, and design, and construction, and operation of full industry chain. Our company adhere to the "base in South China, make East, Southwest and central China"market layout , actively carry out the operations, and improve market share and brand reputation.

Integrity casting brilliant, the service creates value. Our company has implemented a "insist on security first, the pursuit of quality excellence, practice green, exceed customer expectations", integrated management approach, forming a sound quality management systems, occupational health and safety management system, environment management system, and ensure the effective operation of the management system will always be in the State. Meanwhile, our company adhering to the "responsibility, safety, quality, and excellence" core values, "Present exquisite products ,Cultivate employees,Serve the society" for the  enterprise mission, to become the design lead, investment, engineering construction as one of the domestic first-class project management company.

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